The Marriage Circle

This is the cue sheet for our score to The Marriage Circle, as commissioned by David Shepard and released by Image Entertainment. The score was compiled by Rodney Sauer, assisted by Susan M. Hall. All of the pieces are in the public domain, but the compilation, any modifications, and the recorded performances are copyright Mont Alto, ©2000.

We hope that making cue sheets for our silent film scores makes it easy for viewers to discover the names and composers of pieces that catch their attention, or to find pieces by photoplay music composers in whom they are interested.

Our goal on this score was to create something adequately "Viennese" and -- for the first half -- to keep the tone sufficiently light. As the characters get in deeper trouble, the score follows their point of view rather than acknowledging the humor of the situations, which stands on its own. Highlights (in our opinion) are the lovely Borch themes "Sinfulness," "Norwegian Folk-song" and "Pathetic Melody," and the Gabriel Marie masterpiece "Dream Picture."

The digital timings given here are from our pre-release video and may not match the final release.

1. 00:00 At screening. Valse des Brunes, Louis Ganne.

2. 03:46 We see text of letter. La Grâce, Carl Bohm.

3. 06:45 Taxi door closes. Queen Louise, James Reese Europe.

4. 08:33 Hand shadow moves off music. Ich Liebe Dich, Edvard Grieg.

5. 09:11 Charlotte (at piano) turns around. Western Rodio, Adolf Minot.

6. 09:57 Mitzi plays four notes on piano. Iris, Jules Reynard.

7. 11:52 Mitzi starts playing piano. Ich Liebe Dich, Edvard Grieg.

8. 12:22 Fade from picture to detective's face. The Verdict, J.S. Zamecnik.

9. 14:49 Fade to Mitzi in room. The Wooing Hour, J.S. Zamecnik.

10. 18:50? Doctor Braun leaves. Butterfly Ballet, Herman E. Schultz.

11. 19:46 "Dr. Gustave Müller..." Dawn, Gaston Borch.

12. 22:26 Dr. Braun kisses wife goodbye. Indifference, Walter Rolfe.

13. 23:43 Professor Stock and wife at breakfast. Dawn, Gaston Borch (arr. Mont Alto).

14. 24:04 We see return address on envelope. Butterfly Ballet, Herman E. Schultz.

15. 24:46 Blackout. Cut to doctor's placard. Iris, Jules Reynard.

16. 25:34 We see text of letter. Arabian Night, Albert Mildenberg.

17. 27:16 Dr Müller closes door. Parfum de Rose, A Tellier.

18. 29:57 Dr. Müller opens the door. Arabian Night, Albert Mildenberg.

19. 32:21 "With the first quarrel forgotten..." La Grâce, Carl Bohm.

20. 34:24 Professor and detective on couch. Norwegian Folk-song, Gaston Borch.

21. 35:17 Cut to dinner party. Emporer Waltz (Kaiser Waltz), Johann Strauss.

22. 38:15 "There is more danger..." Jealous Moon, J.S. Zamecnik.

23. 40:18 Braun puts shawl on Mitzi's shoulders. Sinfulness, Gaston Borch.

24. 42:21 Cut to Mitzi and Braun in garden. Atonement, J.S. Zamecnik.

25. 43:48 Cut to balcony. Souvenir, Zdenko Fibich.

26. 44:45 "When a big party ends..." La Grâce, Carl Bohm.

27. 46:23 Dr. Braun holds wife's shoulders. Dramatic Andante No. 32, Irénée Berge.

28. 49:18 Cut from window to Charlotte. Dream Picture, Gabriel-Marie.

29. 53:00 Cut to chess game. Norwegian Folk-song, Gaston Borch.

30. 55:58 "I can't live without you." Dramatic Andante No. 32, Irénée Berge.

31. 57:18 Cut to Mitzi. Pathetic Melody, Gaston Borch.

32. 00:23 Dr. Stock walks offscreen. Andante Dramatic, Chas. K. Herbert.

33. 02:14 Professor opens door. Pathetic Melody, Gaston Borch.

34. 03:45 Dr. Braun kisses Charlotte. Dream Picture, Gabriel-Marie.

35. 05:09 Stock bows after shaking hands. Pizzicato Misterioso, Adolf Minot.

36. 06:57 We see text of note. The Verdict. J.S. Zamecnik.

37. 08:19 Charlotte comes down stairs. La Grâce, Carl Bohm.

38. 09:44 Cut to Müller looking sad. Inicidental Symphonies: Plaintive, Leo A. Kempinski.

39 11:59 Lobby of hotel. Pompeian Serenade, Emil S. Strollo.

40. 14:12 Room door opens. Elegie, Maurice Baron.

41. 16:31 We see text of torn letter. The Confession, J.S. Zamecnik.

42. 16:58 Door opens. The Confession, J.S. Zamecnik.

43. 18:38 "The dreaded end of a dreadful day" Lamento, Gabriel-Marie.

44. 20:12 Charlotte says "hello." The Dancer of Navarre, J.S. Zamecnik.

45. 24:24 Scene change to street. Valse des Brunes, Louis Ganne.

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