Destiny (Der Müde Tod)

This is the cue sheet for our score to Destiny, as commissioned by David Shepard and released by Image Entertainment. The score was compiled by Rodney Sauer, assisted by Susan M. Hall. All of the pieces are in the public domain, but the compilation, any modifications, and the recorded performances are copyright Mont Alto, ©2000.

We hope that making cue sheets for our silent film scores makes it easy for viewers to discover the names and composers of pieces that catch their attention, or to find pieces by photoplay music composers in whom they are interested.

The digital timings given here are from our pre-release video and may not match the final release.

1. 00:00 At Screening. Poeme Symphonique (Borch).
2. 01:21 "But as golden leaves..." Solitude (Borch).
3. 02:07 We see couple in coach. True Love's Greeting (German folk song).
4. 02:53 Death raises hand. Incidental Symphonies: Mystical Tension (Leo A. Kempinski).
5. 04:12 "A little town lost in the past" Marche Mignonne (Eduard Poldini).
6. 06:14 "One day the grave digger..." Mountain Music III Mountain Song (Borch).
7. 07:59 Death and councilman indoors. Legende (Henri Wieniasky).
8. 11:26 Carriage in square. Poeme Symphoniue (Borch).
9. 12:36 Death sits down. Dramatic Tension 7 (Zamecnik).
10. 14:50 Puppies! Kittens! Mountain Music III (Borch)
11. 15:40 Cut from councilmen to maiden. Incidental Symphonies: Forboding (Kempinkski).
12. 17:13 Watchman with horn. Hört, ihr Herrn (German Folk Song).
13. 17:55 Certain herbs draw mysterious powers. Solitude (Borch).
14. 22:57 Maid's hand hits book. A Dream, No. 56 (Borch).
15. 22.38 Watchman with horn. Hört, Ihr Herrn (German folk song).
16. 24:44 Fade, maid puts hand on head. Indian Lament (Borch).
17. 28:49 "Oh, Death..." Andante Patetico e Doloroso (Borch).
18. 30:17 "The Story of the first light." Gong
19. 30:23 "In the City of the Faithful. Sunrise and Incantations (Borch).
20. 31:03 "The holy month of Ramadan." Orgies of the Spirits (Ilynski).
21. 35:08 Cut from man in water. Dramatic Tension #7 (Zamecnik).
22. 38:22 Cut to exterior. Gruesome Misterioso (Borch).
23. 40:17 Woman at railing. Poeme Symphonique (Borch).
24. 41:20 "The Caliph!" Gruesome Misterioso (Borch).
25. 42:49 "The night is beautiful..." Three Arabian dances: By the Fountain (Montague Ring).
26. 44.06 Cut to garden. Mountain Music (III. Mountain Song).
27. 44:41 "The story of the second light." Gong.
28. 44:46 Bridge Tarantella (Carl Bohm).
29. 45:34 Cut back to Mona. Poeme Symphonique (Borch).
30. 46:14 Girolamo takes off mask. Pompeian Sereande (Emil S. Strollo).
31. 49:15 "A cock-fight" Gondoliera (Moszkowski).
32. 51:16 Cut to interior. Dramatic Narrative No. 1. (Pauline Pement).
33. 53:13 Cut to steps outside. Heavy Agitato (Noyes).
34. 55:12 Cut to fountain outside. Tarantella (Bohm).
35. 56:30 The tenth hour. Gondoliera (Moszkowski).
36. 57:21 Carnaval. Conspiracy (Zamecnik).
37. 57:46 Woman in mask raises sword. Tensive Allegro (Aborn).
38. 58:47 Man takes off mask. Montain Music III (Borch).
39. 59:14 "The story of the third light" Gong
40a: 59:20 "The venerable Ahi..." Miss Chrysanthemum (Wm. Lorraine).
40b. "Tiao Tsin! Liang!" Poeme Symphonique (Gaston Borch, orientalized by R. Sauer).
40c. Miss Chrysanthemum (Wm. Lorraine).
41. 02:06 "Whereupon the Honorable A Hi " Intermede Chinois (Maurice Baron).
42. 03:23 "The Son of Heaven" From India No. 1. (Francis Popy).
43. 04:24 "A Hi!" Intermede Chinois (Maurice Baron).
44. 06:45 Closeup of A Hi's shoes. Marche Triomphale Creole (Christiaan Kriens).
45. 07:52 Closeup of girl offering box. Three Songs from Eliland III: Anathema (Alexander von Fielitz).
46. 10:24 "Is that so!..." Ballet Barbarian (JS Zamecnik).
47. 11:44 Close up of girl. Three Songs from Eliland III: Anathema (Alexander von Fielitz)
48. 14:10 "Give me back my magic wand!" Masks (Borch).
49. 16:54 "The Pursuers" Enigma (Borch).
50. 18:46 "They are at our heels!" Tempest (Zamecnik).
51. 21:04 Liang falls. Mountain Music III (Borch).
52. 21:57 Fade back to chapel. Indian Lament (Borch).
53. 23:31 Cut from clock to city. Hört, Ihr Herrn (German folk song).
54. 24:14 "Death has taken my beloved away from me." Indian Lament (Borch).
55. 24:54 "Give me your life!..." Valse Infernale (Meyerbeer).
56. 25:32 Cut to interior. Indian Lament (Borch).
57. 26:35 "Give me your life" Valse Infernale.
58. 27:05 The Hospital. Indian Lament (Borch).
59. 28:42 "If you are weary of your lives..." Valse Infernale.
60. 29:17 Close up of fire (tinted red). Angosciomente (Gabriel Marie).
61. 33:06 Maiden hugs baby. A Dream (Borch).
62. 35:42 Death's hand on man's shoulder. Poeme Symphonique (Borch).
63. 36:45 Clock. Hört, ihr Herrn (German Folk Song).
64. 37:04 End titles. Poeme Symphonique (Borch).

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