Cue Sheet for Amarilly of Clothesline Alley

This is the cue sheet for our score to Amarilly of Clothesline Alley, as commissioned by Elaina Archer and released by Milestone Film and Video. The score was compiled by Rodney Sauer, assisted by Susan M. Hall. All of the pieces are in the public domain, but the compilation, any modifications, and the recorded performances are copyright Mont Alto, ©1999.

We hope that making cue sheets for our silent film scores makes it easy for viewers to discover the names and composers of pieces that catch their attention, or to find pieces by photoplay music composers in whom they are interested.

The digital timings given here are from our pre-release video and may not match the final release.

1. 00:00 At Screening. Pastorale (Otto Langey).
2. 01:45 "Amarilly's Mother" In a Cosey Corner (Grace Kimball and John Bratton).
3. 03:30 After the title "Among the 400" The Bee and the Floweret (J.S. Zamecnik).
4. 04:39 Aunt walks off screen. Toddling (Rapee-Axt).
5. 06:41 "Gordon Phillips" You're Here and I'm Here (Jerome Kern).
6. 07:42 Kisses (Zamecnik).
7. 14:00 "And then on Monday". Toddling (Rapee-Axt).
8. 14:19 Fire. Agitato (Norton).
9. 15:33 "Home Sweet Home" In a Cosey Corner (Kimball and Bratton).
10. 18:14 "Dinner-when it is eaten" Romance (Mozart).
11. 18:44 "At the cyclone cafe" Castle Doggy Foxtrot (James Reese Europe).
12. 19:26 "Colette King" Flirtation (Bud L. Cross).
13. 19:58 Scene change to Cyclone Cafe. Castle Doggy Foxtrot (James Reese Europe).
14. 22:00 "Snitch McCarthy" Mi Amada (Norman Leigh).
15. 22:47 Gordon pushes guy away. Huetamo (Ancliffe).
16. 24:09 Band starts playing again. Castle Doggy Foxtrot (James Reese Europe).
17. 24:17 Amarilly hands Gordon his hat. Ballet Sentimental (Zamecnik).
18. 28:01 "The following Monday morning" Blue Bells (Zamecnik).
19. 31:07 Mom hanging laundry. Piano.
20. 31:30 Boy pushes Amarilly's brother. Agitato (Zamecnik).
20A. 32:51 Amarilly opens door, knocks over boys. Toddle Top Rag (Norman Leigh).
20B 33:15 Terry opens inside door. Dramatic Tension 6 (Zamecnik).
21. 35:14 "Every month at the home" Danse Fantastique (Zamecnik/Reynard).
22. 39:21 "Mrs. Phillips to demonstrate" Flirtation (Bud L. Cross).
23. 40:23 "Two weeks later". Pathetic Andante #1 (Otto Langey).
24. 41:39 "Society always enjoys" Burma Maid (Ancliffe).
25. 42:39 "$100" Cavatina (Carl Bohm)
26. 43:05 Gordon takes Amarilly's hand. Ballet Sentimental (Zamecnik).
27. 44:29 Terry and gang at bar. Piano.
28. 44:39 Fade out on trio leaving garden. Chanson Melancolique (Patricia Collinge).
29. 46:44 Society tea. The Wooing Hour (Zamecnik).
30. 49:25 We see the piano trio. Tres Moutarde (Cecil Mack).
31. 50:34 Fiddler starts sawing away. The Red-Haired Boy (Irish folk tune, arranged R.S.).
32. 51:08 "Round Two". Wooing Hour (Zamecnik).
33. 55:32 After title "How dare that woman" Chanson Melancolique (Patricia Collinge).
34. 55:35 Mom and neighbors at tea. The Wooing Hour (Zamecnik).
35. 56:23 Terry walks out to find Amarilly waiting. Kisses (Zamecnik).
36. 58:31 Gordon knocks on door. Ballet Sentimental (Zamecnik).
37. 59:53 Exterior of chop suey shop. Pastorale (Langey)
38. 1:00:20 Gun fires. Dramatic Finale (Noyes).
39. 1:02:34 Amarilly comes through the door after sending for help. Dramatic Tension (Zamecnik).
40. 1:04:01 "The drama ended" Kisses (Zamecnik).

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