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PLEASE NOTE: Because the Coronavirus pandemic is sometimes causing postponements and cancellations, and because I maintain this website on a part-time basis, this may not be the most recent information on these performances. Please check the venues for the most up-to-date information.

April 8, 2023

One Week and Sherlock Jr.

The Broomfield Symphony Orchestra

The Broomfield Colorado Symphony has commissioned me to expand my score for Buster Keaton's masterpiece Sherlock Jr. to be played by a large orchestra, conducted by David Brussel. We'll also be playing for one of Keaton's best short films, One Week. This is a very rare opportunity to experience silent film as it would have been heard in the grand theaters of New York, Los Angeles, and Denver--with a full orchestra. Rodney Sauer featured on piano. Tickets at the Broomfield Symphony Orchestra web site

April 16, 2023

Safety Last (1923)

The Boulder International Film Series

Harold Lloyd is a store clerk, trying to convince his girlfriend back home that he's made it big. When his idea for a publicity stunt -- hiring a building climber to climb the outside of the department store -- goes wrong, he has to climb the building himself. The movie is by turns hilarious and terrifying, as Lloyd runs into trouble on his climb, memorably at one point leaving him hanging from the hands of an enormous clock. This presentation at the International Film Series is presented in partnership with the American Music Research Center.