This Photoplay Music Starter Kit is a collection of vintage orchestral “photoplay music” from the libraries of silent film theater musicians. If you've read my About Photoplay Music page, you'll know how this repertoire is used.

It is intended for students, music historians, chamber ensembles, freelance musicians, community orchestras, symphonies, or anyone wanting to experiment with this remarkably efficient and flexible approach to orchestral silent film scoring.

The Photoplay Music Starter Kit has over 90 orchestrated pieces that I have found useful in creating compiled scores. It should provide you with all of the music you need for scoring a typical silent film. If you enjoy these projects, you can expand this music library with more pieces from archives.

The boxes in this photo represent about a fifth of the Grauman Theater Collection, now at the University of Colorado. As you can guess, this repertoire is dauntingly huge. So my kit is intended to give you a curated collection of useful pieces, so you won't have too few, or too many, pieces to get started with.

Grauman Collection

This version of the Photoplay Music Starter Kit is Rev 2020B, which means that it's as complete as I can get it for now. The main problems existing is that some of the scans are from low-quality originals, and some day I may be able to upgrade them, at which point I'll update the revision number.

Since version 2020A I was able to obtain several missing parts from La Rançon de Bonheur from the Chicago Public Library, which makes it now complete.

This introductory article describes the contents of the Photoplay Music Starter Kit, and how to use it to create compilation scores for silent films, for any size of musical ensemble from solo piano to a large theater orchestra.

This is a database containing the contents of the Photoplay Music Starter Kit in Excel format. You can sort by title, composer, or a number of other columns. Keep a copy, and expand the database as you expand your collection.

This the Kit! A Zip file containing over 90 full orchestrations of "photoplay music" cues, all arranged for orchestra. They are scanned as black-and-white PDF files, and edited and cleaned up a bit to make them useful.