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The 2018 Silent Movies Calendar: "Music is Half the Picture"!

CORRECTION: The collector who supplied the Phantom of the Opera (April) and Napoleon (July) photos was misidentified in the captions. Both photos were supplied by David Welling. I greatly regret the error.

I produce this calendar every year with generous contributions of photographs from collectors and institutions, as a benefit for silent film preservation.

The Silent Movies Benefit Calendar features silent film artwork and birthdays of silent-era film stars and personalities, as well as notable marriages, deaths, film openings, and other significant dates.

Total proceeds (after printing expenses) are used to benefit silent film restoration.

To purchase the calendar, it's easiest if you use this Paypal button. It calculates shipping, lets me print out an accurate shipping label, and allows you to pay either with a Paypal account or with a credit card.

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You can also sent a personal check for $12 plus $4.44 postage to Rodney Sauer, 401 Spruce Street, Louisville CO 80027.

Postage for one calendar is $4.44. For two or more to the same address, $7.20 for Priority Mail bubble-envelope shipping. Write to me if you want a bulk order of eight or more calendars and I can cut you a deal.

For international orders, please use Paypal if you can: it greatly simplifies the shipping and customs on my end, and I'll be able to get the order out faster.

  • The 2017 silent film calendar raised $2005 for the San Francisco Silent Film Festival
  • The 2016 silent film calendar raised $1750 for Film Preservation Associates
  • The 2015 silent film calendar raised $2300 for the Museum of Modern Art.
  • The 2014 silent film calendar raised $2240 for Film Preservation Associates.
  • The 2013 calendar raised $1808 for the George Eastman Museum.
  • The 2012 calendar benefitted the UCLA Film and Television Archive.
  • The 2010 and 2011 calendars benefitted the Niles Essanay Silent Film Museum in Niles California
  • The 2009 calendar funds supported an internship in film preservation through the San Francisco Silent Film Festival.
  • The 2008 calendar funds supported the video restoration of Bardelys the Magnificent through Film Preservation Associates and Lobster Films.
  • The 2007 calendar funds were donated to the George Eastman House.
  • The 2006 calendar benefitted Film Preservation Associates.
  • The 2004 alt.movies.silent calendar raised $1442.06, for two projects.
  • The 2003 calendar made possible a donation of $671.07 to the UCLA Film and Television Archive, earmarked for preservation activities in silent film.